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Want to help out with MyVMK Wiki? First create an account and you will be able to start! Check out the MediaWiki help pages if you are new to editing wikis.

Below are different projects that require assistance. Feel free to work on other parts of the wiki not discussed here such as guides, adding items, or adding any other useful information.

Thanks for the help!

Missing Images

Inventory Image

We are in need of inventory images for over 4,000 items. Item preview images are needed like this. The list of items missing images can be found here. If you own any of these items, uploading a picture would be greatly appreciated.

You can upload the pictures here. The file format should be PNG and the file names should be exactly the same as the item name with underscores for spaces (e.g. Gumdrop_Chair_Charcoal.png).

In order to keep the images consistent, there should be 2px of blue around the picture - making the size 108x132. If you are unable to do this, just upload it as-is and I will fix it.

I use Greenshot to take the screenshots (Windows only), as it lets you easily select the capture area and you can use Shift+PrtScr to quickly take another screenshot at the same place, which greatly speeds up the process.

If you want to update the item page, change {{ImageNotAvailable}} to [[Image:Gumdrop_Chair_Charcoal.png|Gumdrop Chair Charcoal]] (making sure to change the name) on the respective page. If you'd rather not update the page, you can simply just upload the image and I will take care of it.